A versatile metamorphic stacking table which opens up into a chair.

In many modern homes space is of a premium, in this design John Reeves re-visits the idea of multi functionalism and metamorphoses. Not only do these pieces perform two tasks, they also stack so many can be stored on a very small “footprint”.
Many stacking chairs or stools have been designed in competition to be the lightest or most slim line of all, this chair revels in it’s solidness and yet surprisingly can stack helically as high as you dare go due to the specially moulded shape on the inside of the legs.
This extremely simple and innovative design also utilises the contoured scoop of the back rest as a semantic handle to lever open the table top to become a solid side chair.
Made in sustainable American Black Walnut with a natural wax finish.

Dimensions: Closed: 480 x 480 x 480mm; Open: 880 x 480 x 480mm
Closed: 18.75" x 18.75" x 18.75"; Open: 34" x 18.75" x 18.75"