People can be like crows and enjoy shiny things. Slip cast porcelain has the wonderful quality of not only being durable but also shiny straight from the mould. It doesn’t scratch easily and is treated with a delicate sense of respect that is usually reserved for a fine bone china tea service. Being able to slip cast a stool out of porcelain ensures that each run is similar form the mould. I say similar because some variation can occur in the drying and shrinkage of the raw porcelain, allowing each stool to be slightly different even through it has been cast in the same mould- marvelous! The stools are shod with teak shoes to match the top of the accompanying table and also prevent the glazed edge of the porcelain from chipping against the floor...

To accompany the Cadiz table.

Currently stocked by Heal’s in the UK and the REEVESdesign boutique in ABC Carpet and Home in New York, New York, USA.



Slip cast white porcelain with teak feet- suitable for outdoor use.
h450 x 360 x 360mm (h17.75” x 14” x 14”)

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