Dovetail Shelving Tall

Dovetail Shelving Tall

The dovetail is possibly the most respected joint in cabinet making.

“Experimenting with the possibilities found in the workshop has allowed me to re- analyse its potential in a contemporary way. I spindle moulded solid blocks of oak to form a continuous dovetail on each side, reminiscent of an extrusion. Sliding the dovetail  blocks into place both ties together and spaces the white lacquered shelves allowing a solid knock down shelving unit with no additional fixings.”

Currently stocked by Heal’s in the UK and the REEVESdesign boutique in ABC Carpet and Home in New York, New York, USA.



Solid Oak shelf supports and tough polyurethane lacquered MDF shelves- no hardware.
H1312 x 1800 x 380mm (h51.5” x 71“ x 12.5”)

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