Splash tables are inspired by a playful desire to add a dash of vibrancy and colour to a room without overwhelming it. An unapologetic characterful splash whose very self-aware splat shaped top and trickle down tapering legs sit in anticipation of vibrant fun. 

Casting in recycled aluminium has an inherent material quality in the very process of transforming liquid to solid, which is ideal, and also became a big part of the inspiration behind creating ‘Splash’. 
The shape and proportions of the splash tables allow them to be individually impactful or nestle together in an archipelago to create a larger surface area like pools of bright liquid colour. 

An accompanying short video at the beginning of this newsletter reveals more of the playful nature behind the design.

Cast in solid recycled aluminium means that Splash is very strong and sturdy straight out of the box and ready to find its place next to your favourite sofa or lounge chair.

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